Case Study



The Opportunity

BUSSQ, thanks to Brother&Co have refreshed their brand creative and needed TFM’s help to launch this broadly and reach a hard-to-reach QLD tradie audience, whilst also quickly gain market share in a heavily competitive industry.

The brief was to gain an increase of 2% memberships over the campaign period.

The Approach

TFM understood that a wide broadcast-type campaign was needed to launch back into market. BUSSQ’s ideal audience lent itself to being a sport-heavy consumer.

Traditionally sports media carries a high price tag. Against digital video channels, BUSSQ was able to appear in NRL, World Surfing and Football environments whilst maintaining an efficient CPM and exceeding membership targets.


Leads Per Day


Increase in Memberships

The Result

With the help of Brother & Co’s effective creative execution, we successfully applied our data-driven approach to media buying, strategically placing these ads in front of the right audience to drive tangible business outcomes for BUSSQ Super.

Over 4 months maintaining the same media investment we increased the average daily join now leads by 69% (from 49 – 101 per day). 

The client exceeded the 2% memberships target during the campaign period. They finished on over 3%.