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Programmatic media buying is an efficient, targeted and scalable approach to advertising. The algorithmic software buys and sells online display spaces to brands to ensure their placement can generate the greatest ROI. By streamlining this process, programmatic marketing gives Marketers more time to optimise and improve the content of ads to drive campaign success. Purchasing these display spaces is done through direct deals or open exchanges, at TFM. Digital, we have the expertise in utilising DV360 and Yahoo.


At TFM Digital we leverage programmatic behavioural audiences in your advertising strategies by tapping into users’ online behaviours and interests. By doing so, we can precisely target your ads, ensuring they reach the most relevant audience segments. This improved relevance leads to higher engagement rates and better campaign performance. With the marketing industry moving towards a cookie-less world, it’s paramount that Marketers adapt and employ new approaches to consumer targeting. Some data partners we can tap into include Eyeota, Oracle, Adsquare, OnAudience & many more. By partnering with such data platforms and continually delivering results, TFM.Digital is positioned as a leading programmatic ad agency within Australia.

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The TFM.Digital team have the expertise to deliver dynamic and attention-grabbing digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns by buying and managing out-of-home (OOH) media across a multitude of publisher networks. By aligning with your business’s objectives, our team generates a programmatic DOOH strategy that effectively reaches your Display and Video (DV) target audience and drives results. With its specialised targeting capabilities, DOOH campaigns can immediately adapt to creative changes with just a click of a button! These platforms range from large format to smart-lite advertisements in the form of billboards, bus stops, displays in storefronts and more –  any form of advertising consumers will see whilst ‘on the go. We have access to a vast network of digital screens across various locations and publisher networks, within Australia and the USA, giving your brand access to high-traffic and highly sought-after advertising spaces.


Our team has extensive experience planning, executing, and optimising programmatic ad campaigns on Broadcast Video-On-Demand (BVOD) and Catch-up TV (CUTV). We have access to premium video inventory such as 7 Plus, 9 Now, 10 Play and much more. By partnering with premium BVOD and CUTV channels, it’s guaranteed that your ads are delivered into a high-traffic and high-reach environment. On top of this, TFM.Digital has expertise in buying media on Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) services, an approach that further extends a brand’s niche audience reach. These platforms are and are not limited to Foxtel, Binge and Paramount+.


Audio and Podcast advertising platforms are receiving more attention in the realm of programmatic media buying as they offer highly engaged audiences and targeted advertising opportunities. With TFM.Digital’s expertise, we can help you reach your target audience through audio platforms such as Spotify, iHeart Radio, LiSTNR, Soundcloud, and independent podcast channels.


Do you ever watch a YouTube video and have an ad (sometimes two) queued before your video is played? This is YouTube advertising! TFM.Digital has access to premium YouTube inventory, including YouTube Reserve, which offers high-quality ad placements on popular channels and videos.

YouTube’s advertising platform targets specific audiences and maximises brand exposure with its high-impact placements. TFM.Digital offers skippable, bumper, and non-skippable formats.


Display ads are graphical ads on a website or a mobile device strategically placed on websites with contextually relevant messaging. You’ll typically find Display Ads in banners or sidebar advertisement pop-ups. These ads grab the attention of consumers, encouraging them to click the call to action and be redirected to the corresponding landing page.

Native ads, whilst their intent is similar to Display ads, capture the attention of the audience whilst providing said consumers with a non-disruptive advertising experience. This is executed by seamlessly blending the ad with the look, feel and function of the webpage – making the advertisement appear more organic!

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In short, it depends! Determining whether programmatic marketing is a more effective marketing strategy depends on the goals of the campaign, the target audience and the budget. Programmatic marketing has a broader audience base and attribution capabilities which, depending on the campaign objectives, can make it a more effective marketing approach. In saying that, both approaches have their advantages and limitations and consequently, a combination of both strategies is what will yield the best results.

Many factors underpin the ‘cost’ of programmatic advertising. These vary from platform fees, competition, targeting parameters, viewability of your content, ad format and so on. Given its highly variable nature, monitoring your budget when planning is crucial to ensure you are executing your strategy on the most efficient platform.

One of the greatest benefits of a programmatic advertising agency is its ability to serve up relevant ads in just a mere second, to a highly niche audience. Through the adoption of this marketing strategy, marketers acquire valuable insights into the platforms garnering the highest consumer engagement, enhancing brand visibility. A programmatic agency will also closely monitor the demographic profiles of the most engaged audiences so the content and approach can be tailored to generate the greatest return.

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