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TFM.Digital are experts in franchise marketing and local area activations. With experience in launching over 90+ brick-and-mortar franchise locations across Australia, we have the expertise, the data and the execution capabilities to ensure your targets are not only met, but exceeded

TFM.Digital offers a compelling alternative to bigger established agencies. Our adaptability, personalised attention to detail, transparency and continuous collaboration distinguishes us in the industry. We leverage our extensive client portfolio to bring fresh perspectives and strategies, fostering growth on a franchise level whilst staying aligned with the brand’s overarching goals.


Providing Media Planning and Buying across traditional and digital channels as well as additional services such as Social Media Management, Design Services, SEO and Website Management, TFM.Digital is your one-stop shop for all things franchise marketing.

Our team’s expertise allows us to unlock opportunities for innovative strategies, creating deeper connections with your audience and sustaining successes in the intricate realm of franchise digital marketing.


TFM.Digital is driven by a collective commitment to the following core principles: Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity, and Integrity. These values are ingrained in every facet of our work, guiding us towards delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.

As leaders in the franchise marketing sector, we support clients on a national, international and local area scale. Our mission is to empower their executives with the necessary insights for brand and local marketing success. With a track record of delivering results for franchises of all sizes, TFM.Digital has the expertise, data and skill to elevate your brand to new heights and to scale your franchise brand.

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Franchise marketing encompasses various marketing activities to promote and grow a franchise business. To attract potential franchisees, it is also about promoting the products or services offered by the franchises to consumers. Franchise marketing involves a combination of brand building, lead generation, and localised marketing efforts customised to the specific needs of each franchise location. The ultimate goal of franchise marketing is to drive awareness and business growth for both the franchisor and individual franchisees within a network.

By implementing franchise marketing, you are essentially driving business growth across a whole network. This marketing approach works to enhance a brand’s identity, empower franchisees to execute localised marketing initiatives, equip franchisees with the resources and training for continual education and leverage their channel presence to strengthen their audience and broaden their reach.

Franchise marketing differs from traditional marketing. Franchise marketing emphasises brand consistency across multiple locations and local market initiatives, and focuses on linking the marketing efforts between both franchisors and franchisees. Could you imagine a franchise network where the brand voice is inconsistent and has conflicting offers/collateral? Franchise marketing works to streamline the network’s marketing capabilities to ensure consistency across locations and platforms to enhance consumer experience.

In the long term, yes! When strategically executed, franchise marketing enhances brand visibility, attracts more consumers and ultimately drives sales growth.

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