Case Study

City Cave Dapto


The Problem

City Cave at Dapto faced the challenge of launching a new franchise centre in an unfamiliar market. They needed to generate awareness, consideration, and ultimately drive conversions in a market that had never heard of the brand.

The Approach

To overcome this challenge, TFM Digital created a detailed strategy and execution pre-launch campaign that utilised a proven digital marketing funnel approach. The campaign provided enough time to focus on every step of the marketing funnel, starting with creating awareness and then generating consideration through lead-gen, which ultimately led to conversions. We were able to provide a tailored approach that resonated with City Cave Dapto’s target audience, generating impressive results across all levels of the funnel.


Page Likes


Total Leads



The Result

  • Top of funnel: 1,294 Page Likes, 13,944 Thruplays
  • Middle of funnel: 332 Intro Pack Leads903 Competition Leads
  • Bottom of funnel: 188 Website purchases, ROAS of 9.25

The franchise owners were overwhelmed by the number of leads generated and bookings secured before their centre opening date, highlighting the success of TFM Digital’s targeted strategy in generating buzz and excitement. Once the centre opened, City Cave Dapto was able to hit the ground running with consistent sales and build a strong, loyal community.

In summary, TFM Digital’s pre-launch campaign was instrumental in establishing City Cave Dapto’s brand presence and driving sales in a previously untapped market. The success of the campaign demonstrates the importance of a well-planned and executed marketing strategy when launching a new franchise centre, and TFM Digital’s role in its success cannot be overstated.