Case Study

Eureka Furniture – eCommerce


The Opportunity

Eureka Furniture traditionally has been a bricks-and-mortar focused store, and after relaunching their eCom focused website – they wanted to drive additional and new revenue through this channel.

Our KPI was to increase spend in Meta but maintain a positive ROAS and increase Meta Attributed revenue by 47%.

The Approach

We proposed a Meta restructure which incorporated a variety of campaign objectives and an expansion on currently used audiences. We utilised Value-based LAL’s (Look A Like), DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation) retargeting with specific creative messaging based on the stage of the user (e.g. add to cart vs site visitors).




Increase in Revenue.

The Result

The month-on-month improvements post restructure of Meta campaigns delivered a  ROAS of 6.83 and overall growth in revenue went from $289,103 to $513,001 which equated to a 56% increase in revenue for a 45K additional spend.

This resulted in the largest amount of online e-commerce sales the client had seen.