How to create the perfect digital marketing strategy for the business

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  What is digital marketing? Before explaining the term “digital”, it is always important to explain the fundamental concept behind digital marketing which is “Marketing”. Marketing is all about satisfying customers by offering what customers expect. This simple definition has many meanings but the overall idea of marketing is addressing the preferences of customers and […]

Revolutionising Franchise & Multi-Location Marketing with AI-Driven Advertising

In the fast-evolving world of digital advertising, businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. To stay ahead, companies, especially in the franchise and multi-location and multi-location business sectors, must harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to changing platforms and shifting consumer behaviours. The Meta Advantage in Franchise & […]

🔥 How To Slay at Marketing in a GEN-Z-DOMINATED World! 🌍📱

If you spend your working life in the marketing world, or simply have an affinity to the way humanity reads, watches & listens to content… Best buckle up as we dive into the dynamic & future marketing landscape where traditional meets modern – in a world that’s swiftly being claimed by the fierce Gen-Z! 🚀💡 […]

Navigating Meta vs. Programmatic Ads for Maximum Impact

Understanding the key differences between Meta and programmatic ads is fundamental when strategising for digital media. At TFM.Digital, we consistently maintain a platform-agnostic approach, refraining from showing preference towards specific channels or media.

Unlocking Success: Digital Agency vs Media Agency

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What Sets Media Agencies Apart in Marketing? Many people confuse the roles and functions of a digital agency and a media buying agency. Although both operate within the marketing and advertising industry, there are clear cut differences between the two. Digital Marketing Agency A Digital agency primarily focuses on the digital realm of marketing and […]